Tim Walsh’s Freedom, Opportunity, Prosperity Agenda

Freedom and Opportunity in our Schools

Education is the foundation of every child becoming a successful adult and achieving the American dream.  But our current education system is failing our kids and doesn’t put their interests first.  It’s time to put parents back in charge of their child’s education.  Let’s empower parents to choose the right school for their kids.  

My priorities at the State Capitol will focus on true education reform by: 1) funding the student, not the system, 2) promoting school curriculum transparency, 3) providing more school choice options including high school vocational programs, 4) keeping politics out of the classroom.

As your State Senator, I will:
  • Get funds to the classrooms and teachers, instead of the bloated bureaucracy. Low staffing and low teacher pay is crippling our schools.  Only 58% of the school dollars currently go to classrooms.  It’s time to direct more dollars to the classrooms to increase teachers’ salaries and classroom staffing.   Let’s also find innovative ways to ensure funding follows the student – not the system.
  • Demand school curriculum transparency. Parents should have the final verdict in their child’s education, not anyone else, and especially not politicians or political groups.  Get politics and critical theory out of the classroom.  Schools should promote equality under the law and opportunity for all.
  • Promote Educational Freedom and Choice. Kids should not be trapped in underperforming one-size-fits-all schools. I will sponsor reforms that generate excellence and competition, such as charter schools and scholarship programs that allow parents and kids to escape mediocre or underperforming schools. These reforms will include affordable vocational and trade school alternatives for high school grads as a desirable alternative to four-year institutions.
  • Unmask our kids, once and for all: The science is clear. Kids are at minimal risk from the various COVID variants. The consequences to kids, particularly young kids, of long-term masking – inadequate socialization, disruption to learning, even suicide rates – make it clear that mask mandates must end. We cannot allow bureaucrats to shutdown schools or mask children ever.

Get Crime Under Control

Violent crime, car theft, and property crime are at all time highs in Colorado.  Colorado deserves leaders who will defend and support Law Enforcement – not defund them.  The number one job of our government is to keep our streets and neighborhoods safe. Criminals and drug dealers belong behind bars and should be held accountable.

As your State Senator, I will:

Defend our police and first responders, not demonize or defund them.

  • Keep our Neighborhoods Safe: Bad policy making at the Capitol that ties the hands of police has resulted in repeat offenders roaming the streets.  We need more funding for our state and local law enforcement to hire, train, and retain a high-quality police force.
  • Crack Down on Fentanyl Dealers: Fentanyl is killing our teens and adults at an alarming rate – Colorado experienced a 300% increase in deaths related to fentanyl just between 2019, when the Democrats lowered possession to a misdemeanor offense, and 2021. Most of this fentanyl comes from China and enters through our Southern border. President Biden is ambivalent about border security, but here in Colorado we owe it our citizens to get tough on fentanyl dealers.
  • Clean Up Homeless Camping on Public Streets and Parks: We need a regional solution to address the rampant and growing homelessness crisis in Colorado.  Homelessness is a complex issue, with many causes, and we need to address mental health, physical health, and substance abuse issues, just as much as we need to tackle the challenge of affordable housing.  It is time to get serious about this growing problem and generate real solutions: enforce the laws and help homeless people get off the streets and into permanent and stable housing, and when necessary, into treatment and rehab centers.  At the same time, when people refuse these services and experience mental health crises in public parks and streets, no one is safer. We need a multi-pronged approach to homelessness that does not shy away from involving law enforcement, when necessary. We need to take care of our neighbors, but we cannot do so at the expense of our community’s safety.

Reduce the Cost of Living for Jeffco Families

The cost of energy, housing, and healthcare are skyrocketing in Colorado due to bad decisions and policies set at the State Capitol.  At the same time, they are trying to increase taxes disguised as fees to cover their liberal agenda.  Our legislature should be in the business of policy-making that improves the quality of life for Jeffco residents, not punishing them with higher costs.

As your State Senator, I will:
  • Promote and Defend Colorado’s Energy Sector and its workers to keep the cost of heating and powering our homes and driving our cars low. Far-left activists have imposed the most onerous regulations in the country on energy workers, killing good jobs and reducing the supply of affordable energy in Colorado.  Let’s fix this and ensure we continue to produce local, efficient, and clean energy.
  • Defend the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights: I will oppose tax hikes on Colorado families. Increasingly, Colorado lawmakers are trying to circumvent the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights’ requirement that tax hikes be subject to voter approval by disguising tax hikes as “fees”. These “fees” include gas taxes, for instance. I’ll stand firm for your right to vote yes or no on these taxes.
  • Fight Runaway Inflation: When state lawmakers impose job-killing regulations and licensing requirements on Colorado workers, they make everything more expensive, especially housing, energy, goods, and services.
  • Promote a Jobs-Friendly Small Business Environment in Colorado: Colorado long had top-notch business policies that made our state among the best to start a small business and create jobs. In recent years, however, Colorado businesses have been subject to onerous mandates and regulations that make it expensive for small businesses to meet the compliance requirements. Let’s get Colorado back on track by making it a great place for small businesses to start and thrive. 
  • Promote Affordable Health Insurance Options: (1) Coloradans should have access to a wide variety of plans. Not everyone needs a “Cadillac” health insurance plan.  But increasingly, the Legislature is imposing more and more mandates and regulations on insurance plans, making affordable, no-frills plans hard to obtain.  Let’s give consumers freedom to choose.  (2) Promote price transparency and consumer driven care.  Too often, consumers rely upon government or insurance companies to negotiate fixed prices for service.  Let’s put consumers in charge of their care and make them cost-conscious in their decision-making.  (3) We can help reduce insurance costs by reducing lawsuit abuse.  (4) Medicaid’s success should not be measured by the number of enrollees in its programs.  Medicaid too often doesn’t deliver the quality of care that patients deserve.  It reimburses doctors and providers at below-market rates, forcing those same providers to charge privately insured consumers more.  Medicaid reform is a must, to ensure that its recipients and privately insured patients alike have access to quality, affordable care.

Environmental Stewardship

Parks, recreation, and environmental stewardship are cherished in Jefferson County. Our environment, proximity to the mountains, and natural beauty are part of the reason my family decided to settle in Jefferson County. I’m sure the same can be said for many of you.

As your State Senator, I will advocate for:
  • Forest Health and Fire Mitigation: Healthy forests are important for our ecosystems and for wildfire mitigation. Frequent drought, compounded by beetle kill, has stressed Colorado’s forests in recent decades. Ironically, because we have gotten so good at controlling wildfires in recent decades, some of our forests are unnaturally overgrown, making them tinderboxes. We must mitigate the risk of destructive and deadly wildfires. As State Senator, I will make healthy forests a legislative priority. We need to remove dead trees and, when necessary, thin overgrown forests.
  • Urban Tree Planting: Drought-resistant trees are a good investment for our urban communities. They not only add beauty; they provide shade, reducing energy use in the summer months. And trees are an excellent way to remove the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. My goal is to work with municipal, state, federal, and private-sector stakeholders to raise funds to plant more trees in our suburban Jefferson County communities. If I have the honor of being your State Senator, I will donate my legislative salary to kick-start a tree-planting program in Jeffco.
  • Parks and Open Space: Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO), funded by lottery revenues, has been an important partner in acquiring and sustaining outdoor parks and open space. I will work to make sure Jefferson County parks and open space receive adequate funding, whether through GOCO or supplemental funding.
  • Water Storage: Colorado is at the top of the North American continent, so all water that falls on our state in the form of rain and snow flows downhill to other states. That fact, coupled with Colorado’s boom and bust precipitation cycles, make adequate water storage crucial for sustainable urban living and Colorado agriculture. We also have a responsibility to be good stewards of our natural rivers, lakes, and streams. These goals need not be in conflict. As a result of a voter-approved 2019 ballot measure, revenues from legalized sports betting are earmarked to funding the Colorado Water Plan. I support Colorado Water Plan initiatives, but we must do more. Water storage and environmental stewardship should be a core responsibility of our state government. Existing storage and resources are insufficient for a growing population.


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