I dearly love Colorado and our country!

Right now, more than ever, we need proven leadership in our State Capitol to restore the quality of life we expect in Colorado.

I am running for State Senate District 20 to bring a fresh perspective, common sense, and real leadership to the legislature.  It’s time for our government to address the pressing quality of life problems facing Colorado.  I will be your voice and advocate for Jefferson County.

Tim Walsh is a candidate for Senate District 20 in Jefferson County.

Bad policy and leadership is causing the quality of life in Colorado to deteriorate. One party control of our State has resulted in sky rocketing cost of livingsoaring crime rates, and an underperforming education system

Colorado deserves better. I will bring my can-do leadership and business experience to the State Capitol to work for you.

My “Brighter Future” agenda is built around common-sense solutions to the challenges facing Coloradans:


Allow Colorado families to keep more of their hard-earned dollars by reducing taxes and cutting costly regulations.  Lower the cost of everyday expenses, like energyhousing, and health care.


Support and fund law enforcement and hold criminals accountable to make our communities safe.


Put parents back in charge of their children’s education, get political agendas out of the classroom and fund the students, not the bureaucracy.


Be responsible stewards of our environment with forest management, wildfire mitigation, and water storage solutions.


Learn more about my Brighter Future agenda by clicking below.

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I would be honored to represent you and our fellow Jefferson County citizens as your State Senator.  I am a West Point grad, decorated combat veteran, entrepreneur, successful small business owner, loving family man, and engaged community leader.  What attracted us to Colorado 24 years ago is the friendliness and openness of Coloradans (and, of course, the natural beauty of our State!). Jeffco is a special place where the Western pioneering spirit fosters the optimism for us to create a better future and an opportunity to live our lives fully and freely. 

Our state has become divided by partisan politics and fringe ideology.  Government functions properly and works best for its people when there are checks and balances.  More government control of everything and less freedom is not what Coloradans want. 

I love Colorado too much to stand idly by.  That is why I am stepping up, to bring balance, common-sense leadership, and integrity to the State Capitol.  Working together, we can get Colorado back on track to be the land of freedom, opportunity, and prosperity.  


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