JUNE 14, 2022


Mayors of both SD 20 cities agree: Tim Walsh best for Jeffco

(EVERGREEN, CO) – Mayors of both cities in the new, highly competitive Jefferson County-based Senate District 20 have now endorsed Tim Walsh for State Senate. Lakewood Mayor Adam Paul, unaffiliated, and Arvada Mayor Marc Williams, a Republican, said their communities would be best served by Tim Walsh in the Senate. Senate District 20 includes southern and western Lakewood and portions of western Arvada – the only two incorporated cities in the new district. 

“I’m truly grateful to Mayors Adam Paul and Marc Williams for their endorsements of my state senate campaign,” declared Walsh. “Like so many Jefferson County residents, Mayors Paul and Williams want a can-do senator who puts people ahead of partisanship to build a brighter future for Colorado. 

“If I am honored to represent Lakewood and Arvada in the senate, Mayors Paul and Williams will be go-to resources for and sounding boards on the issues that are top-of-mind to Jeffco voters. I look forward to working with them to improve the quality of life for Arvada and Lakewood residents by reining in crime and drugs, reducing the cost of living to improve our economy, bettering our schools by fighting for parental rights and strengthening education choice, and protecting our parks, open spaces and environment.” 

Lakewood Mayor Adam Paul stated: “Tim Walsh will help build a brighter future for Colorado and Lakewood. He puts people and community above politics. Colorado is a great state, and we need a balance that represents the make-up of Colorado. I’ve known Tim for many years, and he’s been a terrific advocate for Lakewood. I’ve sat in living rooms with Tim addressing residents’ concerns. He bridges partisan divides. Our community would be well served by his representation in the Senate, and I’m pleased to endorse him!” 

Mayor Marc Williams stated: “Jefferson County needs representation at the State Capitol focused on improving our quality of life and building a brighter future for Arvada. That’s Tim Walsh. Tim will tackle the soaring rates of crime, drugs, and homeless, rein in the cost of living, and improve our schools. Join me in supporting Tim Walsh for State Senate!” 

Adam Paul

Mayor of Lakewood

Marc Williams

Mayor of Arvada